7. February 2018


Luigi Snozzi

The architect Luigi Snozzi from Ticino is one of the most distinguished figures in the field of building culture. Aphorisms are central to his teachings. During his first period as a lecturer at the ETH Zurich (1973–1975) he used these as guiding principles for his students.

In this book, these aphorisms were published for the first time with the relevant illustrations. They have been taken from ‘UNSER ARCHITEKTONISCHES BREVIER’, the oldest document with aphorisms from the Studio Snozzi in Locarno. Snozzi’s theoretical fragments are not sets of rules but aim instead to encourage thinking about people and architecture by posing crucial questions about architecture.

Services: Conception, Typography
Client: Stiftungsbibliothek Werner Oechslin
Publisher: Schwabe Verlag, Basel
Photos: Lilit Chatschatrian

6. February 2018



By reason of the tiny usable area of only 21m2 the idea developed of designing the one-room-shop as a large display window. The back room (formerly used as an office and storage space) became the new changing cubicle through the addition of curtains and, after opening hours, a ‘stage’ by shining a spotlight on a mannequin from above. The metal profiles frame and emphasize the so-called stage by creating a sense of depth.

The sides of the profiles face the wall and have integrated strips of light which make the space seem bigger and brighter. Variable light intensity and temperatures can be programmed as continuous sequences and orchestrate the whole space. This lighting makes the shop an eye-catcher at night.


The individually designed pieces of furniture follow the same principle of continuous, orthogonal steel profiles. Dark stained maritime pine flooring has been used. The stools are covered with a fabric coated with epoxy resin.





Services: Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 22 sqm
Client: Simón Ese
Location: Munich
Photos: Daniel Sommer

5. February 2018



The 800 m2 loft-like space of a former printing company was adapted to the needs of the company Freeletics by Studio KNACK. Three black cubes, some polygonal, have been installed according to the room-in-room principal. These include two meeting rooms, changing rooms for men and women with external lockers and a room with approx. 20 work spaces.


Additionally, a large event platform and an integrated kitchen with a central island were created. Custom-designed steel ladders acting as pull-up bars and a training area for members of the Freeletics team to work out, are to be found in the middle of the space. The tables and benches are from our Kinky Series.





Services: Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 1.200 sqm
Client: Freeletics GmbH
Location: Munich
Photos: Lukas Schramm

4. February 2018


Haus Baf

The concept corresponds to the owner’s wish for a single-storey house to meet his own and his family’s needs, depending on their age. The east/street-facing front of the U-shaped building is like that of the neighbouring buildings – with a pitched roof and a projecting roof over the main entrance.


In this way, the east-facing side of the house is perfectly integrated in its surroundings despite having only one level. The inner courtyard as part of the garden is a visual expansion of the house itself while transporting the exterior space as well as daylight into the building. By contrast, outwardly, the building is generally introverted.





Services: Design Phases 1-4, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 180 sqm
Client: Private
Location: Trostberg (Germany)
Photos: Gunter Bieringer, Lilit Chatschatrian (steel model)

3. February 2018


Haus Pas

The existing building (built around 1920) was to be given a new extension. Three parties each share one floor. The building wraps around the existing building on the north side, fusing the old with the new. From this perspective, the extension has no apertures, whereas the south and west (garden) sides have generous window openings.



The building was constructed using wooden frames and solid timber elements. Environmentally sustainable and ecological materials such as cellulose insulation were used almost exclusively.



Services: Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 308 sqm
Client: Private
Location: Munich
Photos: Lukas Schramm

2. February 2018



Bernardo Bellotto, better known by the name of Canaletto, was born in Venice in 1722. Under him, Venetian veduta painting reached its zenith. The temporary exhibition at the Alte Pinakothek (from 17.10.2014 until 18.01.2015) showed works from Italy, Germany and Poland that came from the Bavarian State Painting Collections as well as from a number of other international lenders. In order to show the paintings to their best advantage, all graphic work such as labels and signage in the exhibition and in the pavilion was kept in one hand.




Services: Graphics, Text, Typesetting
Size: 906 sqm
Client: Alte Pinakothek
Location: Alte Pinakothek, Munich
Photos: Malte Wandel

1. February 2018


Kinky Series

The urge for individual design found its beginnings in our own needs. We aim to offer our clients– and in this case ourselves – personalized solutions. As a result we decided to design the tables for our new office ourselves.


The result was a slender, minimalistic concept with orthogonal, bent, untreated steel elements and black table tops with laminated linoleum surfaces. The further development of the Kinky Series produced a writing desk with a push-to-open drawer. Everything essential for a home office can be stored away from sight. The drawer with a black powder-coated front and a bright red MDF interior is eye-catching.
(Prices on request)



Services: Furniture Design, Planning, 3D Design, Visualisation, Prototyping
Photos: Lukas Schramm, Boo Yeah
Prices on request